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6 Reasons Why Couples Break Up

Reasons for a blindsided breakup

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But I would say that the blindside breakup is the worst of all. He has treated you very badly. Having experienced such a breakup, I can vouch that it was so painful and all I wanted was to die. It took me almost a month to accept the fact that he is not going to come back to me. Then I chose what many who in my condition normally choose — going for a Rebound Relationship — on hope that getting a new man can help me forget the old one. I will hate you for making me feel like I was led on, like I wasted my time, like I was lied to while you got your shit together.

Reasons for a blindsided breakup

How can I get over someone leading me on in such a cruel way? It took me almost a month to accept the fact that he is not going to come back to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By Dear Fifi Tuesday 22 Aug , 6: You need a clean break. Attempting to win him back or torturing yourself are not things you should be doing now. It will hurt and you may require a session or two of eating you favorite snacks in front of the TV, snuggled in your coziest pajamas. I will chain-smoke cigarettes and drink more wine than normal. I will be a hollowed-out shell of myself. I was with the Guy whom I was having a relationship at that point of time. I remember eating nothing for days, desperately trying to contact him and crying like there was no end. This is one of the major factors which finally bring about a breakup of a marriage. Thinking about the good times, you might even feel like begging him to take you back but you have to think logically. Anyone worth their salt will surprise you with their decency when you confide what has happened. Everything will remind me of you. Making contact when you are the most confused and vulnerable is the worst thing you can do. The chances are the answers would only disappoint you. For me, my Rebound Relationship served its purpose. The suffering partner is invariably made to feel inferior. I also never had any doubts about him not loving me or not being serious about me. These different ways to break up makes it a lot easier for an individual involved in a relationship to be completely blindsided by his or her partner's decision to break up. After you get yourself strong, maybe then you can talk to him calmly and rationally but at that point you may not even want to. Also, temporarily block him from your contacts on your cell phone and social media sites for a while. There is less chance for such a relationship to continue for long. For couples before marriage, only one partner may be paying for all outings they have together or purchases made together so that the financial burden even in petty matters is not shared. I will be afraid of being alone, of facing the world without you.

Reasons for a blindsided breakup

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  1. I told my friend that I got into a relationship with him because I thought that I have to do something drastic and bad so that I would not have the nerve to think of going back to my Ex Boyfriend.

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